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Feb. 5th, 2008



Day of entrance into here from there warm wet place from whence we came!

It is now this day of welcoming to the big blue sky that is our eyes of lye!

Gifts shall shower from you. Give us these our happy tidings, and remember never to shave your duck!

Jul. 17th, 2007

Wolf Clarity


Warnings to Live By

  • The Mushrooms are looming on the horizon.

  • Don't lick the Mentos.

  • Don't instigate the haunted soup.

Jul. 16th, 2007

Wolf Clarity


Late Night Conversations

trinitylast: It's the gay Illuminati!  At the end of the street, they come at night, at the end of the street, a lone house.  The family just sitting down for their evening meal.  The white van approaches and these queers...these QUEERS...get out and break into the house!  And before anyone can stop them, suddenly and without warning, they all start to.........FUCK EACH OTHER IN THE ASS!!!!  And another American family is destroyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyed...

nyxgoldstone: So, instead of the mauve hand, it's the mauve all seeing eye?

tygerwulfe: No, the rainbow all seeing eye!

nyxgoldstone: Founded by ROY G BIV?

Jun. 26th, 2007

Am I Still Teh Sexay?


Two word story

Fifteen giants

Apr. 25th, 2007



Just thought I'd share this...meet my mom

Got this email from down the hall:

"He likes graphic novels. He likes ... other stuff. Do you think he'd like a coffee-table book of the Grand Canyon? It comes with a CD of something, possibly music, possibly whatever else it is. Naw, no swords. No drama. Should we give him the novel about gay hometowns? Naw, young ears and all. Should I go to the bathroom? Yeah, I think that's a good idea.

See you in the hall sometime."

Mar. 2nd, 2007




Claudia:  I did not yet get the test email. When it shows up, I'll let you know.

trinitylast: Thank you. :)

Claudia: For the record, I've just received 2 other emails to company@

trinitylast: Yes, but unless I can be sure you'll get EVERY email to company@, I'm going to be uncomfortable sending the ORDERS to it.

Claudia: I always get name@

trinitylast: The orders are things you'll want to be checking for constantly. We might be better off sending it to sales@ or something like that.

Claudia: Perhaps I ought to use thunderstruck for the orders instead of my usual email server program

trinitylast: Thunderstruck? What's that?

Claudia: Mozilla thunderwhatever

trinitylast: Thunderbird :p

Claudia: Bird

Claudia: lightening bird

trinitylast: You could do that. That might be a good idea. :p

Claudia: I don't check eudora anymore, because I only send book@ to it these days, and I don't get anything at book@ except junk mail
But I could go back to getting company@ at it and use that. Or I could set up a sales@. Should I do that?

trinitylast: Yes. But if you do that, I'll have to hold off on installing a shopping cart until we've tested the new address since it takes an hour or so to start working. So set that up and send me the info and set up whatever you're going to use to GET email from sales@, and then I'll set up the shopping cart software

I'm thinking of switching back to Eudora.

I don't want to talk about it.

Claudia: I've opened Eudora. It's downloading 389 messages, all of which, I can almost guarantee, are junk.

trinitylast: Probably. THAT is the reason I no longer have a lona@

Claudia: How do I get rid of book@? Just stop accepting mail?

trinitylast: Do you WANT it to be gone? Is there anything attached to it that you would be losing?

Claudia: Stuff that I don't read. Reports I don't care about. Other junk that's junk.

trinitylast: In that case, just delete the email address from the server itself.

Claudia: That would be rude!

trinitylast: It would be FINE. Where do you think Lona@ went?

Claudia: I never questioned. It seemed so wrong.

Claudia: No. No test mail.
I sent a message to sales@ and eudora says it cannot log in to that address

trinitylast: No test mail at sales@? Or no test mail at company@?
I told you it would take an hour for the new email address to work

Claudia: Okay. I'll wait. But I'm going to brush my teeth and take my meds.

trinitylast: OK
You might want me to do this tomorrow between classes...

Claudia: I'm not in a gun-to-the-head rush. AND I need to keep the option of letting people order via Amazon, since that's probably where all my Amazon orders are coming from

I still have three batches of labels to run, then 2000 labels and stamps to attach. This will take me a good 37-49 minutes.

trinitylast: OK, then can I do this on friday when I don't have to work around school?

Claudia: Yeah.... I have a noon meeting Fri ... And I have to get to the post office tomorrow since you didn't go today. AND I still have to brush my teeth and take my meds!

trinitylast: OK, then the shopping cart will go up on friday-ish.

Claudia: The new email address still isn't working. It's been hours already!

trinitylast: It's been less than ten minutes. :p


Feb. 5th, 2007



If the wall is leaning, the cow won't give milk and the rooster will lay hexagonal Serpents

Welcome to our 411 at the Plaza of the Most West.

We are The Lyxneyes. We like to Lynxeyesing.

Technically, though, it's called Bear Hunting.

We do that here, which isn't here for you, it's there, but I'm here, except that the server is there, and here is always here even when you're there. But you're there. And I'm here. Except you're probably thinking that you're here, when in fact, I'm there, but I'm not. I am HERE. YOU are THERE.

I hope that's clearsil.

Thank you.